Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today is Monday for me I wish I did not have to go to work; this working for a living is under rated and under paid. Not much new with me been watching a lot of TV lately, watched Grey’s anatomy season 1 & 2 which was not too bad at all. Also I am in the mist of watching Lost season 1 and that one is not too bad either I have seen worse. It is kind of nice having an earlier shift having a semblance of a real life is kind of nice. I am not a big fan of getting up early but I do like getting home before 3:00 Am but you cannot have it all now can you? It is starting to get cool out lately and I hope we the same kind of mild winter we had last year, I like this time of year especially when you are walking around outside and the way the leaves crackle when you walk there is something I find deeply satisfying about that for some unknown reason. In a couple of weeks we are getting all new windows and doors which should help with the heating bill the old windows are drafty as hell. We have around 15 windows and 2 doors to replace no small feat indeed. Anyway got to go and start to get ready for work talk to you all later.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I have not been here in quite a bit it seems and I am not sure why that is but that is life I guess, maybe it is just because I do not have much to say or don’t know how to say it. Work, eat and sleep seems like we all get caught in that trap does it not? Only my days off seem to break up the monotony of the week. Other than that not much new going on in my life, I am trying to lose some of the weight I have gained from getting older and from getting a beer belly as well. The beer I have stopped drinking and I do about 5 kilometers on my exercise bike a day and I try to do about 30 sit-ups. Sucks this whole getting older deal to tell you the truth but what are you going to do right?

Last night was fun some quality time just sitting around watching good old TV while it rained outside. I am not sure about you but there is something I love about being inside and hearing the rain beat against the window. I find the sound comforting and I am not sure why strange hunh? The only thing that beats it is when I am in bed and it is dark and I can hear the rain drum on the roof and window I find that relaxing.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I have not been here in awhile but what can I say I have been a busy boy. Who ever invented this working for a living racket must have been rich and did not have to work in the first place. The last couple of weeks my days off have been busy like taking out the heavy garbage that still has not been picked up, plus I got to work at a polling station as well. That was interesting to be honest, mundane but interesting all the same. The best part was people watching and that is better than any T.V. getting used to driving again seeing how long it has been since I have actually gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is hard to believe after all these years I actually have my own car. Other than that not much I new with me except I am loving the warm weather after all that rain we had. As an added bonus I have this Saturday coming up off to spend with my better half for her birthday. As well my vacation for the end of august ahs been approved and I am counting down the days. Anyway got to go and get ready to head to work talk to you all later have a good one.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Not much new with me except that I am finally getting my own vehicle after all these years. Later on today I am going in to pick it up it is a 2006 Nissan Sentra SE. So I am a bit excited over that to be sure, it was a spur of the moment decision but what the hell we only live once. Besides the car has a six year warranty still on it so it should not be hard on the wallet in that case. The previous owner only put 1900 km on it so it is basically brand new. Anyway that is all that is new with me got to go and get my new set of wheels.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My day weekend is finally here, my mind is still a bit groggy because I slept just a little bit too good I think but my body must have needed it. Not much to say to tell you the truth nothing new has happened except I am still 6pm to 3am with Tuesday and Wednesday off now could be worse in some way shape or form of that I am sure. I have got my self a fancy smancy exercise bike that I use each and everyday except Sunday past because of this little thing call a hangover. Trying to fight the battle of the bulge that happens when you get older, I usually do between 5 to 7 kilometers a day and on my days off I usually do around 10 if I can. As well I have been doing sit ups as well to help get rid of the spare tire and it is a work in progress but yesterday I did 85 sit ups in one shot which I am a bit happy about. So hopefully by the summer I will be in good shape, mind you I don’t eat a whole hell of a lot and the spare tire is a beer belly which is my own fault so I am going to give up the drinking beer or awhile to get rid of it.

So on my days off I am will hang out and watch the big screen and relax, got some new movies to watch. One being Dust To Glory a documentary based on the famous Baja race in Mexico which I think will be pretty cool that race is a grueling ordeal. As well I have a couple of IMAX movies to view and the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie to watch.

Tomorrow I will putter around the yard and clean up and fire up the barbecue and taste the ambrosia. So gotta run have a good one everybody.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Soon it will be my weekend and I am looking forward to that, mind you it has not been a bad week at work but you know how that song and dance goes. The weather is warming up which is awesome after the deep freeze we go through in the winter time. I love the spring time I like the fall as well but not as much as I enjoy the spring. In the spring everything seems so cold and desolate at first, then like someone that has been asleep for a long time the earth stretches and yawns and life and color begins to bloom once more. Although with all the snow gone now I can see all the garbage trapped under my rose bushes that I will need to extract before all the thorns start sprouting, plus I need to invest in a hedge trimmer this summer I guess. Every time I try and mow close to the bushes in the mist of summer all the thorns threaten to pull me in and to punctuate the point they rip the shit out of my arms to taunt me, well the battle line has been drawn and I will prevail. We have to get our yard sprayed by someone because I am not dealing with all the ant nests this year like I had to last year because if so I have already threatened I would burn them out and my wife was lest than impressed with that idea (visions of her pyro husband burning the house down I guess). So other than that that is all that is new with so I gotta go and get busy living and I will catch you all later, be good everybody and if not be vary bad indeed.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Been awhile since I have written anything I know but what do you do right? Not much new in my world except I am a supervisor full time now which is pretty cool although I gave up a hell of a good shift to do so. The pay raise is nice when I get it; they fucked up on my pay scale yet again and if it is on the next pay all the retro pay is going to be taxed to death. My friend on the other hand has been waiting five weeks for his pay to be changed so he is going to get totally fucked when his pay goes through.

Got myself a new tattoo on the back of my arm it is a koy fish and yes it hurt like a son of a bitch but it is very nice job. It means fortune or luck or meeting your goals in life pick your poison. Me I have gotten married, been happy and have a have decent job does not get much better than that. Considering when I was younger I though I would drink myself to death and die in an alley or a ditch somewhere. God looks after fools and drunks they say and I guess I have full qualifications I guess. This Monday I am getting another tattoo then I have 4 or more to go then I will be done, but! Tattoos are very addictive so who knows right? I know me and my wife are both going to get a matching one with our names under it. But anyway enough of this rambling got to go the race is coming on (Bristol Baby!) and then I got to get ready to head to work have a good one talk to you all later.